Gift Vouchers

Conditions for redeeming

Soap Mystic Gift Vouchers are redeemable for 3 years from the end of the year in which the voucher was issued ("Expiration Date").
Remaining credits will be credited to your Gift Voucher account until the expiration date, after which they can no longer be used.
Gift Vouchers can be redeemed at for products approved for purchase through vouchers.
Gift Vouchers can be redeemed through the regular order form. If the value of the voucher is insufficient for your order, you can settle the difference with another approved paymentmethod.
Only one Gift Voucher can be used per order.
Gift Vouchers can not be combined with promotional vouchers.
Gift Vouchers can not be used to purchase additional Gift Vouchers and can not be paid out in cash.


If you have not completely cashed your gift voucher, the residual value will remain and you can redeem it with the same code on your next order.

You can redeem a voucher both in the shopping cart and on the order confirmation page. There you will find the entry field "Enter voucher code" where you can enter your voucher code. After you have pressed the small arrow to the right of it, the voucher will be applied to your order and is listed in the item list of your order.

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